Vintage Betty

Below are some images of the fantastic Betty Woz 'Ere posing for us in a very 60's Style.

The main parts of the outfit, and all the equipment used on the shoot were all period to the late 60's. 

After all, the best way to achieve a vintage look is to do it with the appropriate "tools of the trade" from the era in question. As such this whole shot was done using a 1967 Pentax Spotmatic with original Super Takumar optics and period accessories.

The final results do have an immediate vintage look, with even the colours having a retro tint.

Check out a small selection of the set with the images below.


60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-002
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-005
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-007
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-008
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-009
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-010
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-011
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-012
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-019
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-020
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-023
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-027
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-029
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-032
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-033
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-034
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-035
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-037
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-039
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-041
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-043
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-044
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-045
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-048
60s Beth-Reading-14/09/2013-049

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